‘Dhaka International Folk Fest’ starting on Novemver 15

‘Dhaka International Folk Fest’ starting on Novemver 15.

Festival of folk songs ‘Dhaka International Folk fest, will be held from 15 November to 17 November at the Army Stadium. 174 artists from the seven countries of the world will participate this year on the event.

Visitors-listeners will enjoy the festival from 6pm to 12pm. Sun Foundation is organizing the festival.

Notable artists of this year are: Momtaz Begum, Baul Abdul Hye Dewan, Baul Kabir Shah, Arnab, Nakshi Kantha, Swarabanjan and Bhavna Dance team of Bangladesh.

From India Wadiali Brothers, Raghu Dixiit, Satyaki Banerjee. Shafqat Amanat Ali from Pakistan, Majha from Bahrain, Grammy winner Los Texmanyaks from the United States, Dikanda from Poland and Las Migas from Spain will perform on the event.

Car Accessories'Dhaka International Folk Fest' starting on Novemver 15

As always, viewers can enjoy the program free through directly online registration. Registration will begin from 6th November. Registration can  complete from this link –dhakainternationalfolkfest.comRegistration will start every day from 3pm, will run for 5 days.

For registration Passport size photographs and National Identity Card / Driving License / Scan copy of passport will be required. When the registration will complete, different entry passes of three days will be delivered to the e-mail.

'Dhaka International Folk Fest' starting on Novemver 15'Dhaka International Folk Fest' starting on Novemver 15

You must show the printed entry pass on the gate to enter the program place. All information about the event will be available in the ‘Dhaka International Folkfest’ Facebook fan page. Details can be found at 16374.

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