Criminal Case Game

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Criminal Case, the renowned detective game available on Facebook. Join millions of players worldwide in this thrilling crime-solving adventure that will put your investigative skills to the test. Get ready to solve perplexing cases, collect evidence, and bring criminals to justice, all within the immersive social gaming environment of Facebook.

Criminal Case Games

“Games History” refers to the historical background and evolution of the Criminal Case game series. Developed by Pretty Simple, This Game is a popular detective-themed hidden object game available on various platforms. The game allows players to solve murder cases by finding hidden objects, examining clues, and interrogating suspects.

The history of the games can be traced back to its initial release in November 2012 on Facebook. It quickly gained popularity and expanded to other platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The game’s immersive gameplay, engaging storylines, and captivating visuals contributed to its success and growing fan base.

Over the years, the Criminal Case game series has evolved with regular updates, introducing new cases, locations, and features to keep players engaged. The game has also garnered positive reviews for its intriguing mysteries, challenging investigations, and the ability for players to interact with friends and other players.

With its combination of detective work, hidden object gameplay, and compelling narratives, the Criminal Case game series has become a significant presence in the world of mobile and social gaming, attracting millions of players worldwide.

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