Bangladesh’s “Turangami” In the Philippines International Dance Festival

Bangladesh’s Turangami In the Philippines International Dance Festival. Bangladeshi dance theater ‘Turangami’ received invitation from the Philippines government. The group has been invited to participate in the ‘Philippine International Dance Festival 2018’.

On behalf of the Philippine government, the invitation letter was sent to Turangami was announced, On the occasion of the International Dancing Day by the Order of the Honorable President of the Philippines, the ‘National Dance Week’ was announced in the Philippines on the last week of this April.

The Philippines government invites professional dance groups from around the world on the occasion of this dance festival.

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From 26 to 30 April Turangi will be produced ‘Anamika Sagarkakanya’ and choreograpi ‘Nandini’ and ‘Forever-Eternal Music’ In the five-day festival.

Apart from this, a special workshop will be organized by Dancer and director Puja Sengupta. The theme of the international festival is ‘cultural connection through dance’.

Meanwhile, Turangami informed that the sixth member team of Turangami is going to Philippines on April 25 under the leadership of Puja Sengupta.

The team members are Puja Sengupta, Sushmita Lopa, Md. Farhad Ahmed, Kazi Raihan, Brishti Bepari, Md. Hasan-ud-Din

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