Attacks on students at Mirpur

Several stage attacks were originated on the students staging demonstration demanding safely on roads at capital’s Mirpur.

The students alleged that at first police charged batons but later activists of Chhatra League-Juba League took part in the attack. Several students were injured in the incident.

Eyewitnesses said, the clash started at around 4:30 pm at Kafrul area under Mirpur. Later that spread Mirpur13, 14 and towards BRTA office.

A student of Shaheed Police Smriti School said, students were forming human chain at Mirpur-14. At that time police wanted to move us away and then exchange of words happened. Later police began to charge batons.

Car AccessoriesAttacks on students at Mirpur

Five injured were sent to Dhaka medical college for treatment. He said, later activists of Chhatra League and Juba League attacked on us.

A guardian named Jeba Nur informed from the spot through live facebook post that children were holding peaceful movement. They were staging demonstration from the morning without taking food. We were coming to inquire. But suddenly the attack originated. They were chased.

Attacks on students at MirpurAttacks on students at Mirpur

Female students were also beaten. At first police and later Chhatra League-Juba League activists attacked.

DMP Assistant Commissioner Yasmin Saika told the media, students attacked the Kafrul police station without any reason and they threw brick chips to police. For this reason police chased them and drove them away.

But the police official could not confirm whether clash took place or not with Chhatra League and Juba League activists.

Police attacks on Students
Police Attacks on Road safely demanding students

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