After 30th October Election Schedule in any day

After 30th October Election Schedule in any day.

Election Commission (EC) Secretary Helal Uddin Ahmed said, Election Schedule for the national parliament election may be declared in any day after October 30 next. He said this replying question to the newsmen on Monday.

Helal Uddin Ahmed said, permanent printing process of the final voter list will begin after September 25. By this time CDs containing voter list of 10 crore 41 lakh voters are prepared. Printing work will begin after sending these CDs to the district level.

The EC Secretary said, in the eleventh parliament election the possible number of voting centers will be 40 thousand 199.

The draft list was published on September 5. Correction applications were also deposited over the draft list. These are under scrutinizing.

Final list will be published after updating those 25 days before the parliament election.

Car AccessoriesAfter 30th October Election Schedule in any day

He said, 80 percent work is completed before declaring the Election Schedule and the work for buying electoral commodities at the last stage. List of Presiding Officers and Polling Officers will be finalized after declaring the Election Schedule.

Helal Uddin Ahmed said, the number of voting rooms will be nearly two lakh 6 thousand 540 in the eleventh parliament election.

After 30th October Election Schedule in any dayAfter 30th October Election Schedule in any day

The number of Presiding and Polling Officers will be 4 times higher than that number. It will need about 7 lakh officials centering the election. He said, we have held dialogue with 40 political parties. We hope that all parties will participate in the election. Because the main aim of a political party is to participate in the election.

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