Actress Apu Biswas’s new mission Return to Movies

Actress Apu Biswas’s new mission Return to Movies.  Apu Biswas, one of the most respected heroine of Dhallywood.

She is in the new mission now. And her new mission is to return to the film industry.

This dhallywood queen wants to showcase herself in a new way to the film industry she said.

She will soon start shooting of Robin Khan’s new Movie. Now she is preparing herself for her role in the film.

There are also a number of pictures including ‘Shoshurbari’ Zindabad 2′ and ‘Opare Chandrabati’, which are in the possession of Apu Biswas.

Car AccessoriesActress Apu Biswas's new mission Return to Movies

‘Raajniti’ was the last movie of Apu Biswas. Rajniti Movie directed by Bulbul Biswas, in contrast to Apu, Shakib Khan.

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Actress Apu Biswas's new mission Return to MoviesActress Apu Biswas's new mission Return to Movies

Besides returning to the film, the heroine is also working as a brand ambassador of several organizations.

In 2005, Apu Biswas appeared in Amjad Hossain’s ‘Kal Shokal’ movie. In 2006 Apu Biswas act the lead heroine role in the film ‘Koti Takar Kabin’. Shakib khan act the main hero role. FI Manik was the director of the film.

Due to the love of thousands of observers, this heroine wants to win the viewer’s mind through a good film.

And so she is now signing new movies, Apur hopes the viewers will like her new movies.

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