82,473 Students awarded primary scholarships

82,473 Students awarded primary scholarships. A total of 82,473 students have got scholarships in the primary terminal examinations 2017, reports UNB.

Primary and mass education minister Mostafizur Rahman announced the list of scholarship recipients at a press conference at his ministry’s conference room at Bangladesh Secretariat on Tuesday morning.

The scholarships were given in two categories-talent pool and general-on the basis of highest marks in the examinations held in November last year.

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Among the students, 32,998 students got scholarships in talent pool and 49,475 students in general.

Car Accessories82,473 Students awarded primary scholarships

As many as 82,500 students have been given the scholarships, including 33,000 in talent pool and 49,500 in general. But, this year, the quota was not fulfilled for lacking of 2 students in talent pool and 25 students in general category.

However, the quota will be coordinated later, the minister added.

82,473 Students awarded primary scholarships82,473 Students awarded primary scholarships

The results are available at the website of the primary education directorate:

or all district wise list

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